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We are excited to bring this free, innovative service to your facility, and are confident it will benefit your business and client satisfaction.

Turnkey Package Solution

We are excited to present you with the complete digital guestbook solution. Begin with the registry app which generates the family Memorial Package (bound book and labels), then a soft-non-offensive community mailing generates leads sent directly to your SNL family service counselor. All provided at no cost to our partner funeral homes. We believe no matter where you are, iRegister can benefit your program.

Digital Guestbook

Guests enter their information into this easy-to-use touch-screen, as an alternative to the traditional handwritten guest book. Our application replicates what their bound, printed book will look like. There are four different book designs to choose from.

Community Outreach

A preplanning community survey is mailed to the guests to grow your market footprint. Your SNL family service counselor will then receive a list of the respondents to contact.

iRegister Turnkey Solution

Memorial Package

After the service, information is taken from the iRegister application and delivered in a clean, legible format for the family. Also included are pre-printed labels for the family to use on Thank-You cards, which may be sold at your funeral home.

Preneed Leads

We provide the application and technical support, customized to each service. This will allow you to generate preneed leads in a soft, non-offensive manner.

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Preview our iRegister program below. Included is the application, guest register book, pages, preaddressed labels and community surveys, all at no cost to our partner funeral homes.

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Features & Benefits of iRegister

Reach More Preneed Families

Reach More Preneed Families

Reach More Preneed Families

Easy to Get Started

Reach More Preneed Families

Save Your Budget

Automatic Followup and Leads Sent to Preneed Producer

Automatic Followup and Leads Sent to Preneed Producer

Beautiful Coordinated Application and Book

Expand Your Community Footprint

Expand Your Community Footprint

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